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The Obvious... Whether you have a new business or an existing establishment having a clear understanding of your customers and how they view your brand is imperative to growing your business.


The Blatently Obvious... Small business owners wear all kinds of hats and are typically idea rich/ time poor. They are also often too close and biased to see the opportunities that exist that can be vital to growing their own business.


The Pitch... Let allee take a second glance at your current online identity from an outside, unbiased point of view to help identify any opportunities and methods to improve your online presence.


Taking it to the next step....



Business Second Glance


It's very simple... you give us the name and location of your business and we find you!

We will put together a detailed review of your online presence searching as an outsider looking in. 


Included in the report will be a breakdown on...

-what we have found about your business and it's services

-who your web prescence is targeted to appeal to

-the message or action your web prescence encourages your audience to understand


On top of the breakdown we will also add observations and suggestions to help guide you

to cost effective, manageable reccommendations to increase your ROI.


No hard sales pitch, no hidden fees. Just an honest, unbiased review of your

web prescence and manageable suggestions to help tailor content to engage your audience.

Take it to the next step...

Like what you see so far? Take it to the next level!

Custom Branding Package


Identifying where you currently are is only the first step to getting where you would like to be. Once we've gotten to know each other a bit and see a future in building this relationship,

let's dig deep and see how allee can help to clarify and solidify your brand.


How it works...


1) Identify - Together we identify your needs/wants and how you'd like your target audience to view your business. This is done in a 1 hour skype/phone/in person consultation where I ask a lot of questions to get down to where you'd like to be and the reality of what rescources we have to make that happen in the most cost-effective manageable way. Don't worry, study materials will be provided before our meeting so you have an idea of what I need in order to help.


2) Build the Plan - I take all the information we've talked about and create a customized plan that will strengthen your business and place in the marketplace. All options will be priced out a'la carte and you can pick and choose which options fit your wants now, tomorrow, and in the future. No commitment or pressure to choose anything that doesn't work for you. To me my work is not just a job, it's a relationship.

I'll email you the menu and plan for you to consider and set a time to chat again. At our second conversation (typically 30mins) we will build a timeline and put together a clear and concise work order that represents both parties expectations.


3) Work the Plan - I email you the work order and you send it back to me signed. Either I work the plan or I teach you how to accomplish it on your own  (whichever works best for you). The success of any marketing/branding is execution. If the plan is too aggressive with too many elements to possibly accomplish with your resources then you are better off not doing it.


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